These relate to a post earlier, if anyone had a question to ask about me.

Which blogs are your favorite?
There are many blogs I like and follow. But lately I have had a really hard time finding the space to actually sit down and read them. Hopefully I will soon see myself reading my favorite blogs on Saturday mornings in bed and drinking coffee, curled up in sheets like a cat. I really enjoy Thelma's, Oracle Fox, Fashion toast, Freunden von Freunden, Misty grey, S.S.C and many hundreds others.

Is there a blog you hate?
Well not really but I would not waste my time looking at the some blogs.
Maybe you know what I mean. Somethings are just not for me, like hair extensions, fake nails, fake eyelashes and so on.

Is it hard to study in the art university?
Yes it was. I never was the perfect student at school. I am really glad I graduated and can move on with my life. Thought, it was wonderful what possibilities and equipments and the studios the university had.
I don't really wanna recommend the fashion studies to anyone, except if you are ready for not having a life and constantly living under stress and uncertainty of your own talent. I am happier to be able to let the road take me where it goes and be free, rather focus in art and having a good life.

 How tall are you?
167 cm, I don't do other than European metric system, sorry. Please use google.

Where is your hometown and how was your childhood?
I come from a very small town in the middle Finland called Kuhmoinen. It is between Lahti and Jämsä, next to Padasjoki and Orivesi. My childhood was very ordinary 90's kids experience I think. I always wore my big sisters old clothes or my mom sew us matching outfits which my sister of course hated. The summers were hot and we went to swim with a car. If we could not go I would run under the sprinkler. I loved the smell of the fresh cut grass and my father and I went fishing together on the near by lake. We had a huge garden with everything you could imagine and I loved to watch Disney movies and the Moomin's. Because we lived far out on the countryside, there were no neighbors, I played often alone in the woods and loved to walk our hunting dogs. There were some farms near by and they had cows and lambs on the fields. We also had a wild cat as a pet.

Why Berlin?
Past life threw me to Berlin by coincidence. I wonder if I was in my senses that time, would I have done the same. But I probably would have because I was totally inexperienced and naive. Later Berlin began to felt like a home more than Helsinki ever felt. And the life style and mood in the city felt natural to me. I do miss the Finnish summer and the real lakes but otherwise there is nothing that could not make me happier.

What is your favorite book?
I used to read more on my early teens. Since high school and university time has gone more and more on the studies and I never really had the time and the effort to actually relax reading books. There were these teen witch books I loved, Noitalapsi/Witch Child and Noitavaellus/The Changeover.
My next goal is actually to read a whole book once more again.

Could you present more of your drawings? 
Yes I could and I will. 

Who is your best friend?
I have often thought who really is a good friend of mine. It feels there are so many people who just pass quickly by and they are not really interested in you. The friends who really care about are the ones who are there for you when in need. I have best friends from my early teens who I can always trust and they are so good people. Even if I don't see them very often anymore it is such a delight to spend time together and catch up. Then there are those best friends who call you when you have written a message that sounds something like all is sucks. The very best friend I have is the most closest person to me who with I have nothing to hide. We know our faults and goods, we have seen our ups and downs and we want to make this the best for us. 

How long have you drawn and why are you good at it?
I have been artistic since I was a toddler. I was always good in arts and music, all rather creative things. 
Drawing is a skill you learn only by practicing and I have practiced many years and many hours to be able to draw as I do now. Even I think I could be better if I practiced more than now. 

What is your favorite thing to draw?
People, animals, nature and rooms. 

Your favorite piece of cloth? 
Probably my red Scottish plated school girl kilt or AA white denim circle skirt. 

Can you recommend a good sewing supply store in Berlin? 
The turkish market at Maybachufer is good for cheap hunts, they have everything from fabrics to buttons, zippers and yarns. Just remember to negotiate the price down. Then a little more expensive store is at next to KaDeWe, it is called Idee and it sells a little more Stockmann-like things. Also at Frankfurtel Allee there is a Stoffladen that reminds me of Eurokangas. 

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